YES. I cannot emphasize enough that everything offered for sale here is 100% completely authentic and EXACTLY as you would get in a store. I purchase my fragrances from reputable sources with whom I have had long-term business relationships and I absolutely DO NOT deal with fakes. Buyers are very savvy and can tell if they are being deceived, as when I once unknowingly bought a Chinese fake bottle of Chanel that was nothing more than yellow water. Dealing with 100% authentic products as I do is the only way to go. Please note that I sometimes use Nordstrom-branded sprayers as I find them to be very high-quality and very leakproof. The fragrance inside is still exactly what you ordered....the sprayer just happens to say "Nordstrom" on the side. This DOES NOT mean that you are receiving fragrance made by Nordstrom (which doesn't even exist). You are receiving exactly what you ordered, dispensed and bottled into the sprayers by me.
What I sell comes from my own collection...however, I do my best to accommodate special requests. Send me an email at parfumeriepgh@gmail.com
YES! I welcome any and all international orders and have had many satisfied international customers. Keep in mind that shipping from the USA does take slightly longer (average 7-10 days to UK and Australia, for example).
Absolutely! Whether you need one larger bottle or a custom package or a hundred samples for a special occasion such as a wedding, I can do it. Contact me with requests and I will get back to you promptly with pricing information.
Each 1.7 ml sample spray contains approximately 16-18 sprays from a full-sized bottle. A user averaging two sprays/day should expect to get 8-9 days from one. The larger 5 ml size gives you more bang for your buck as it contains 50-54 sprays from a full-sized bottle.
Even though the vast majority of my customers are fantastic, there still remains a certain amount of paranoia that comes with buying something sight unseen on a website. Also, there are many competitors who will attempt to sabotage a seller's reputation with unwarranted negative feedback. Personally, my experience has been that one out of every 100 buyers will claim they received "fake" fragrance. This is especially true with any of the Creed fragrances, which are handmade in France in small batches and will have slight variations from one batch to another, but are known to be counterfeited. So if it doesn't smell exactly like a department store tester, one may be likely to call "fake". Also, one out of every 300 buyers on average will not contact me or seek out any sort of resolution for an issue, and I won't know there's an issue until I get a negative feedback hit. I cannot emphasize enough that I DO NOT SELL ANYTHING FAKE ON THIS WEBSITE. What you see here is EXACTLY what you get. Also, please note that I occasionally use Nordstrom-branded sprayers because they are very high-quality and do not leak. Most customers understand the reasoning for this and do not get hung up on this point. This DOES NOT mean that I sell fakes or you are getting a fragrance made by Nordstrom!!! There's no such thing as a "generic Nordstrom sample". That's why I post pictures of the sprayers with the actual authentic fragrance bottle. Again, I ONLY sell authentic fragrances EXACTLY as advertised. I've been doing this now for over three years and stand by what I sell 100%. If you are not happy with your purchase, CONTACT ME and we will figure it out. But I can't do anything if you don't contact me. As with life in general, I am very aware that you cannot please everyone and some people are just going to be unhappy no matter what you do. My stats speak for themselves - I have completed almost 400 sales to many satisfied customers on this site since I opened for business in December 2015. And if you have any questions or are unsure of what you are buying, PLEASE ask first.
They absolutely can, as long as they are in small quantities (like these) and the shipper informs the post office (which I do every single time so they can label the package as FRAGILE). Travel-size atomizers like these meet TSA regulations for carry-on luggage, so they can fly!!! I also pack VERY carefully and seal every atomizer to prevent leakage.